Do our priorities touch your life and others in a positive way? Are our priorities worth fighting for? The journey is long and the road is rough.

Come join us in this journey!

There are things in life worth fighting for.


There are many ways to volunteer,

from walking door to door to hosting fundraising events.

Here are ways you can help:


The act of sharing time and good food is a great way to open up all of our minds to the greater consciousness of empowerment.

Our campaign would be honored to have individuals gather together in their neighborhood homes, to punch our ticket towards making a truly representative government more than just an empty desire of the common public.

To that end, we will provide you with a press kit of information to share, including some campaign bumper stickers and posters.

The internet makes it possible for Mark, or someone from the campaign staff, to join your house party.

Be sure to let us know when you leave your information below. And thank you, for considering the help.


Here are some of the hard truths of what a daunting task we face to get our voices heard; the average cost of primary campaign expenses for a presidential candidate is about 150 million dollars.

I am the second poorest declared candidate in the Democratic Party, and it was never my intention to bankroll this campaign.

But I will need staffers that have volunteers to work with; many of you who know what to do, are battle-tested. I just want to invite you to magnify the efficiency of the initial campaign, and maybe beyond.

I know of a few people that even might put me up as we are traveling to Nevada, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Iowa--yes, it's a different campaign.


In making an initial contribution of $27, once, or hopefully more, I can then more quickly get out to meet all of you.

An individual can donate up to $2700, using the button below, or sending a check to our post office account

Thank you!

Join the Mark Pierce Campaign


P.O. Box 9114

Santa Maria,

CA 93456-9114

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