Mark A. Pierce

                         NEW LEADERSHIP FOR OUR COUNTRY

We, as a country, must make an accounting, so we can then move forward. Looking each other squarely in the eye, and to be able to smile, and say "Good day" to one another, and mean it. That should not be relegated only to our ideals.


Laws exist to secure people's lives to pursue the opportunities of life unfettered; a police force is made to enforce these laws, guided by the moral authority of the courts; that being said, both of these institutions are systemically maligned with veins of racism. Therefore, injustices occur. If there is anything of value in the founding writings it is "pursuit of a more perfect union." That pursuit must insist on a model of law--for that is civilization. But that also is not to say that civilization is free from being reformed, and to become a better version of itself

I want to take the Democratic Party back to its roots...and we can only do that by stripping away the perifery of big money sponsorships and accords made between politicians and legislators. And that would be done by backing me as a candidate. Someone who is not in bed with capitalist manipulators, and yet is morally philosophical enough to know the course must change on a fundamental level for the workers in our land.


I am a transformational activist, one whom can't help but live each day empathizing with anyone who is mistreated. I know that life is not fair, but I also know that one person saying no to inequity may give some relief to others. That is why I'm running.  No one else seems to care as much. Some may say they were looking for someone to say that...I just did.

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